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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
Hi Abraxasinas

So the story...

I wish you could speak my would make things about 10 times easier...

I am having trouble understanding the meaning, since there is not only the meaning to understand, I first have to understand (translate) sentences...and than there are things like mistakes in translation and words I do not know how to understand...

I think I did my best. No need to worry Anchor I did self-censorship

So the story - an addition to the start of the thread and is not directly connected with my previous questions?

We have a person, pondering about the astral world?
While doing so that person started to ask itself how would it be to visit itself?
Yes this is very important - discovery of the Inner Self as a World in itself.
The person also gets caught into pondering about the peoples thoughts in general?
No, other peoples thought do not enter this experience at all.

While doing that, the person entered the state unique to that person and that state was metaphorically named hell?
"hell' is simply a label for the 'Underworld' or 'Inner World' and the archetype associated to be explored, i.e. 'what is my own inner Hell like?'

At first hell was just a mix of colors..unrecognizable abstract...or sort of an artist view?
Ok, one enters without knowing what to expect - no presumptions.

Let us call this person a Hero.
It's you and everyone 'going on the journey' - no drugs required, just your mind.

Our Hero decides eagerly to explore his own version of hell as doing so observing the changes in environment and himself.

One of the first things our Hero learns is that while he is in control of himself he is also in the control of the situation?

Hero also learns that one can not go beyond what he/she is?
No, the hero learns that hisher mind seems to be basically unlimited in creative potential.

As our Hero continued his journey he realized that everything and everyone just plays its role in what there is?
No, the roles are there, appear and change and become subject to the hero's perceptions and thoughts, expectations, desires, .. whatever.

Our Hero soon encounters what he labels as demons and a also some witches. A beings of untold powers, unknown to men.
No not at all. The hero(ine) discovers that the overworld archetypes and symbols also exist in the inner world and new ones can become created and infented in manifestation.

The witches their natural clothing... and soon became sexually attracted to the Hero...
A witche's coven and the pagan worship of nature as an archetype, yes.

This attraction can be considered as a perfectly natural response?

Also...Hero being in charge of his own castle...the witches reactions might also come from Heroes unconscious desire?
Yes, the desires, expectations of all parties in interacting archetypes; the hero(ine) being the SELF-archetype.

As a result of all this..happening...our Hero got a boner. He became to re-form the images and made an image of a women he prefers best...all of this mad our Hero aroused....thus enabling him to discover a female inside of him?
Beautiful gnosis=insight blended with self-discovery indeed.

At this same time the Hero realizes that the only way to the freedom of the spiritual self expression of the soul is to undergo a polygamy?
No, you misunderstood; the freedom is the unification of the self. Once the self becomes unified; the One in Many (sexual partners say) also becomes the Many in One.

Hero realizes that claiming someone to be "yours" is purely a form of egoism?
Indeed, very true.

After that the Hero uses his imagination to change from...from he to she...from she to he...
Easy after self-unification.

Hero enjoys exploring his feminine side...thus began the transformation of the hell (himself?)...from hell to something "nicer". He soon realizes the power of feminine...power over male (demon?)...
Yes, you have discerned this well - transformation of self leads to transformation of the environment - ancient wisdom.

As female...Hero starts looking for the alpha male...the one with the biggest...stick. The prime intention was a unity of hell and heaven?
To stop being separated and join in oneness?
To fully obtain the andorgeny?
Yes, but the 'big stick' refers to the exploration of the archetype and using the previously known 'stereotypes' of what is preferrable in transmutation. remember the story talks about fitting scales together in harmony.

After this the Hero gets overcomed by the Barby girl phenomenon. Hero decides he will increase his options regrading the alpha male. He puts up a pretense in form of games which include a fail safe?
Your Barby Girl label here is inappropriate. The scenario is purely geared to manifest the agenda of the 'oracle', using the expectation of the underworld to fulfil the expectation of the overworld. The hero(ine) becomes a secret agent for the 'highest good' a win-win situation for all concerned.

As any other true Barby girl...Hero decides he will let himself be surprised by unknowing - in order to bring forth more excitement...more unpredictability?
Yes, to allow the DESIRE of the underworld FOR the overworld to maximise for the most potent outcome.

Hero meets his 3 candidates in a from of what is called a devil. Devils comment on Hero being from Shamballa while themselves are being in the underworld Agartha....
These are other archetypes: the four gospels, Greek elements, directions NESW and so on.

Is it not the Agartha - the garden of eden? Why are there "devils" there in a story?
Here you are stuck in a later interpretation of archetypes. Yes the point is to 'marry' Heaven with Hell; Shamballa with Agartha; Overworld with Underworld; Outer Self with Inner Self etc. etc.

Hero than starts playing a game of deceit? He promises a....never ending the devil that will win.
You misunderstood. There is no deceit, but the utility of the Natural Order to manifest itself using polar opposites. The Hero(ine) has learned to use the inner harmony to manifest the outer harmony.

Unity between surface world and underworld? Isn't that what made the hmm so called "fallen angels" that had sex with the surface people ?
This is where your own dualistic preconceptions about history and the 'meaning of life' begin to clash with deeper realities unified.
The 'fallen angels' are the 'devils' in the underworld AND are the 'risen devils' of the 'angels' of the overworld. So its a Mirror of Mirrors. I'll leave it at that for now.

During the fail-safe part of the game...Hero makes a mistake and the devil that won the 1st part also wins the 2nd part.
No not a mistake; but a learning process. The hero(ine) surrenders control of hisher own creation (Free Will question here of and about God, if you can discern this here) to render the 'adventure' more entertaining. The 2nd part fulfils the 1st part in again allowing a maximum win-win situation to become possible.

Hero..did not do as promised right away...there were "other tasks" to do first. In the mean time the devils were given the pictures...with females on them. Each female had a mostly familiarized with the angels.
Yes, the archetypes again: 4 archdemons marrying 4 archangelic goddesses - not too hard to conceptualise. The 'other tasks' refer to the timeline, not yet completed; but the 'promises' have been made and the 'New Heaven and New Hell' are 'In waiting' like groom and bride really.

I am still not sure if I "get it"....

This went better than I expected. Anchor will be ok with that.

I am however willing (if need be) to discuss sexuality without "moral presumptions" and as intellectually as I can... But I think that sort of discussion might cause Anchor to have a it could only be done in private.
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