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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
On the subject of orbs.....I had an experience 8 years or so ago where I floated out of bed to meet this orb the size of a Swiss exercise ball that had floated in via my window- I merged with this orb and it was an incredible sexual experience unlike any earth based incident (back then)......

What is the meaning of that? I felt I merged with an aspect of myself.......

Hi eleni!

Yes, my data says you experienced your 'future self' through your merkabah, being the 'vessel of the lord' as your own personalised 'spacecraft'.

It is 'highly sexual' because the shadow eleni is 'Helenus-Attila' say.
Imagine yourself at the point of sexual conception when your father's Xo sexual chromosome blended with one of your mother's say X1.

Now consider the Y-chromosome of your father, which DID become part of his genetic library in the placenta of your womb in the spermatozoa absorption.
This Y-chromosome in conjunction with your mother's OTHER X-chromosome, say labeled X2 BECAME your Perfect Twin in the Y0X2 sexchromosomatic coupling.

This 'twin soul' of sorts was 'thrown into the rubbish bin' after you were born and left the placental enclosure.

All of your life you subconsciously 'search' for your 'Lost Male Other Half', the one who was in the placenta as a metaphysical entity, absorbing the bioplasma of your conception.

So now it is easy to understand what your Shadow-SoulTwin is. It is your metaphysical 'Cosmic Twin'.

So you literally experienced a 'baseperfect' sexual union with yourself in the merger with the metaphysical YOU as say Helenus-Attila.
You temporarily became a SheHe, the androgenous higher DNA/RNA expression of the 5th density. This is the programmed Natural Bisexuality of the New StarWoman.

Then by implication sexual communion between StarHumans will engage automatic 'foursomes' in harmonisation between the male aspects in New StarMen in extroversion and male aspects in New StarWomen in introversion - and vice versa for the femal aspects in the HeShes and the SheHes.

Having already attained a fore-taste of this in your experience; you now KNOW what higher dimensional sexuality and the orgasmic selfhood indicates in the greater schema of the template for the starhumanity.

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