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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Steven View Post
Hello Abraxasinas. Here is a letter from Alex Collier received by the andromedan contact he has since several years. Quote:

'The Race from Alpha Draconis

The Draconis race is probably the most misunderstood. I have witnessed a deep respect for this race which is generated out of admiration and fear. The Draconans are the oldest reptilian race in our Universe. Their forefathers, somewhere in our most ancient past came to our Universe from another separate Universe and/or reality. When this actually occurred no one really knows.

The 11 (Council of Eleven) have said that the Draconans themselves aren't clear how or when they themselves got here, but what is interesting is that they declare and teach to the masses that they were in this Universe first, before humans beings, and that they are the true heirs to this Universe and, as such are all royalty. Most, if not all, human races don't recognize this claim as truth but, none the less, they don't debate the issue with them either. Alpha Draconans have colonized many star systems and have created many races by genetically altering the life forms that they encountered.

The most densely populated area of sub-races of Draconans is the constellation of Orion, Rigel, and the star system known as Capella. Here lies a very dangerous part of the Universe for human beings. The mind set or consciousness of the majority of the races in this region is service to self and as such they are always subverting, invading and manipulating less advanced races using their technology for control and domination.

This is a very old and ancient war with the peace that does exist always being tested by these beings that believe that fear rules and love is weak, that the less fortunate are meant to be slaves. This belief system is created at birth in the reptilian races as the mother, at the time of birth will hide the young and then abandon them to fend for themselves.

Most of the time they are cared for by the warrior class that uses the children for games of combat and amusements. They believe that in their ways that if the young ones survive they were meant to and in the process they have had to fight all the way and at a young age they are full warriors, used to depending on no one.

Alpha Draconans are very suspicious of all life forms including their own, but not of course to the extent that they would be of humans. They are taught that Draconan history of the Great Galactic War. The version or opinion that the humans were at fault for the invasion of the Universe and how we selfishly wanted the Draconan race to starve and struggle for the basic materials for their society to exist. Therefore they are brainwashed at a young age just like we humans have done to our younger generations by all human races in the galaxy.' End of the quote.

What can you tell me about this Great Galactic War and its repercussion throught out the galaxy and time?

Namaste, Steven
Hi Steven!

The Alpha Draconians as described by the Andromedeans represent the archetypical manifestation of DECSENDANTS from the 'founder race' termed the Paa Taal by Alex Collier and his contacts. As you can read in the above, the Descendents have forgotten their origins; but somehow 'they' connect their own origins to the existence of the 'cosmic humanoid', perceiveing in them some sort of 'threat' to their seniority and 'masterrace' status.

The 'Great Galactic War' you wish me to describe to you was not on the physical plane; but has to do with the 'spiritual wickedness at high places'

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:11-13

So using the original archetypes, indicated, but not defined in the quote above; CAN indicate to you from whence the Andromedean story; 'your own recollection of that story'; 'Barbara Hand-Clow's story'; 'Anna Hayes' story' and so on and on originates from.

The full story relates to the creation of the universe itself. I have shared the details many times here, but shall briefly describe it yet again.

In the Beginning there was a Void being Eternity without space and without time and without any definitions at all.
{The mathematical and logistics selfcreated/invented from this can be found in the Lucifer's Mirror thread and some other places on this forum).

This Beingness was nevertheless able to Imagine its own Being as Being NOT Infinite as the Void=Eternity and from this evolved a Cosmogony of Purpose then initiating an Ontology for Being within a materialising Cosmology engaging the concepts of space and time and densities of matter. This cosmology is sufficiently described by standard models of classical physical theory blended with the so called quantum mechanics of a Planck Black Body Radiator expanding thermodynamically in entropic time arrows and the postulates of classical geometric field theories like the Relativities of Einstein.

But your question addresses not the physical genesis but the metaphysical genesis and the latter so revisits the logistical processes, which manifested the parameters for the physical universe to come into existence. {Lucifer Thread}.

The examination and analysis of this metaphysics then shows how the Infinitum is replated to the Finitum and how the Void of the beginning is realised in a White Hole-Black Hole physics connected by the Wormhole aka the Einstein-Rosen-Bridge in the semantics of theoretical physics.

In brief; it becomes the Wormhole as a quasi-singularity of physicality, which becomes a MIRROR between a Double-sided surface or manifold so rendering the twosidedness onesided.

This is like a mathematical 'trick' for the Void=Infinity to become Finite in Duality, yet still containing its own Unity of the onesidedness.

So one can develop the mathematics and the physics to 'make a physical universe' from its metaphysical precursive definitions.

The 'Hole' in space and time becomes a 12D wormhole mirror emboding the precise minimum spacetimematter configuration as say a Quantization of all physical parameters 'measurable', such as length, time, weight, temperature, luminosity, molarity, electric current and the geometric connectors (pi and sterradian say).

What has this to do with the 'Great Galactic War' between the Lyrans and the Reptilians you may ask?

It has everything to do with it, if you can understand that the twosidedness to onesidedness 'topology transformation' REQUIRED a particular duality to become 'SET UP' on the archetypical primordial level.

The technical linguistics label this as a T-Duality between a heterotic superstring class, characterized in a Lie group algebra of 8x8 symmetries (I Ching and 64-codex of DNA/RNA codon couplings of nucleotidal base pairings).

But those 'string labels' were invented in the 1980's and did not exist at the 'time of the great galactic wars'.

Yet they ARE simply a Relabelling of the primordial archetype, describing the 'spiritual wickedness at high places'.

So now you have two options; either familiarise yourself with complicated string-membrane mathematics of convulution integrals OR attempt to rediscover the ancient archetypes through the study of the 'histories'.

This you and the 'story tellers' have done and many of your stories converge in parts and diverge in parts; all of them based upon the true and valid archetypes.

The Thuban story differs in one elementary aspect from the other stories. The Thuban story knows the 'modern interpretation' of the 'ancient archetype' and so can BACKTRACE to the 'oldest story of them all' via its technicalities. This is like travelling backwards in time or a form of 'backwards engineering'.

So what have the Thubans found?
The Thubans found out, that the Alpha Draconians are their descendents, their firstborn GRANDCHILDREN IN THIS the Milky Way Galaxy.
The Thubans have also found out, that the Paa Taal were their Children in this Galaxy and that the Lyrans (you can relabel the Lyrans as the Musicians of Lucifer's Lyre or as the original Mystics of the White Crystal and in many other ways) also were their Grandchildren.
So the Alpha Draconians became the Skeksis of the Dark Crystal (in one pertinent renaming by Thubanese scribes) in the form of a Black Brosisterhood of the Black Lucifers and in a form of competition with the White Brosisterhood of the Mystics aka the White Lucifers.

A much much younger reinterpretation of this archetype became the Atlantean labelling of the Brosisterhood of the Serpent in the Shamballa of the Red Dragon of Tibet at the Outside towards the Sky and the Golden Dragon of Agartha at the Inside, say the Center of the Earth.

From this the Annunaki mythology of the 'Cosmic Twinship' took form in Mesopotamian lore and the Gilgamesh; then leading to the Torah of Genesis and further story telling based on a potent original collection of archetypes and symbols.

But the 'Cosmic Twinship' of the Egyptian RaH-HaR; Shu-Tefnut and Geb-Nut then 'Doubled' itself in the Osiris-Isis and Seth-Nephtys twinships. From this the story of archetypes became the familar story of scriptural patriarchical and matriarchical lineages and correlations and blendings with the earlier mostly orally tyransmitted legends of the symbols and namings.

I could go on Steve; either in technical discourse elucidating WHY the archetypes are Serpentine and the nature of the Glyph of the Dragon.
Or I could IMAGINE and then IMAGE the appropriate 'cosmic star wars story' from the most potent form of the original archetypology.

You can do this yourself and a multitude of such stories are found on the web; all of which carry parts of the truth and part of mystery.
The Andromedan agenda admits of 'not knowing' the origin of the origin. Being from a different observer perspective, namely extragalactic instead of intergalactic (as the Alpha Draconians and Pleiadeans and Arcturians and Sirians are); the Andromedean witnessed the opening of the 12-dimensional Wormholes as the MIRRORS between the Void of the Eternity and the Finite universe.

The Thuban story of the 'Great Galactic Wars' is exceedingly simple and has already been told in film; 'The Dark Crystal', by Jim Henderson of Sesame Street renown.

Now there are immense 'scriptural' and prophetic implications about the scripture (Ephesians) quoted above.
It are those implications, which form the core of the present transformation experienced by Gaia.

But all of the 'alien agendas' partially, but not fully 'materialized' cannot act independent from their empowerment of the fundamental archetypology.
The backwards travelling in time by the Thubanese wingmakers and timetravellers by and through the RECONSTRUCTION of the 'making of the universe from first principles', has allowed the Council of Thuban and under guidance and in the name of their 'Master-Templar-Template-Dragon' to share this information with anyone having ears to hear and eyes to see.

You are as much a Member of the Counicil of Thuban as I, Abraxas am.
The difference is I know the origin of both of us; you are in search of your origins using the database you can accept and incorporate as your own.

All children of the universe are destined to 'make their own universe' this is part of the 'masterplan' as children of the creator.
Do not sons and daughters grow up to set out on their own?
The Creator has a wish - to become a Grandfather. Without 'Sons of the Universe making trade' He cannot become a Father of Fathers and without Mothers giving birth to 'universe makers' the Mother-Creation aka 'Gaia in Disguise' cannot become a Grandma - it's as simple as that.

All are called but not many will hear and most will continue to adhere to archetypes of duality being the offspring of the monadic cosmogenesis.

The 'puppet movie' for the children IS the Story of Thuban - the Dragon-Elflings of the StarHumanity.

15Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. {Mark.10.15}.

Peace of Mind be with you Steven

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