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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Hi Abraxas -

Re: Post 418

Thank you for your reply. I understand much of what you say, yet there is much that I do not understand. I still in my infancy concerning the type of knowledge that you share.

I was taught in my youth that there would be a "great gathering" of those entities in the "last days" and that the gathering would involve many who have walked this plane of existence before. Even the father of all men, Adam. Is this the homecoming of which you speak?

I was told specifically that I would work with the entity known as Manasseh (as well as others) during the period which I mentioned in the previous post. How would something like this manifest? First ascension, then transformation, then mission? In other words, must I pass through some type of physical change before I am introduced to those who will be my teachers and that I will later assist in helping others?

I was also told that during the time I would work with Manasseh and others I would be assisting many who would be "shackled" and "oppressed". I have always just accepted that this was more of a spiritual connotation. I would have to think that during all of the chaos of the upcoming events (whatever that is exactly) and the implementation of the "New Jerusalem" a lot of individuals would be absolutely frightened and confused. What is your take on this?

Thanks for your insight. I look forward to further insight on this topic. There is more that I would like to share, but I believe this conversation will take on a life of it's own to both of our benefit.
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