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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

This is interesting ~ on 1958

The ‘Genesis 1:1 Pyramid’ has 2701 stones. 2701 Sabbaths spans 18,907 days or 51 years 279.25 days. I went back in time about 52 years to see what significant events occurred in 1958. The 7.7 earthquake that caused the 'Lituya Bay' tsunami in Alaska occurred exactly 18,907 days prior to the 14th of April 2010 on July 9th, 1958. This tsunami wave reached inland to an elevation of 1720 feet (the same four digits found in the gematria of Genesis 1:1 > 2701).

The last point of the 'Prime Cross' is the 43rd number of the ‘Prime Cube’, the 153rd prime number: 881.

43 + 153 + 881 = 1077 (final gematria of ‘CROSS’)

1077 + 881 equals: 1958.

This point is the center of the 305 prime numbers (including Unity) that fall within the range of: 1 to 2010.

In 79 AD Pompeii was destroyed by the Mount Vesuvius eruption. The 79th element is gold. 79 is the first point of the 'Prime Cube'. The numbers: 7, 9 and 1958 form the date string ‘7.9.1958’ (July 9th, 1958).

The following are two major mathematical connections between Jesus Christ and the number 1958. 1958 x 1.618 (the golden ratio) equals: 3168 (the Greek gematria of ‘Lord Jesus Christ’). When 1958 equals the perimeter of a circumscribed triangle then the circle's circumference is 2368 (the Greek gematria of ‘Jesus Christ’).

The three stones: 1480, 2010 and 2300 also fall into alignment

(knowing of the slaughter that occurred between 1480-1490)

we thought this was interesting
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