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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
Ha! I read this book many years ago - The Greatest Story Never Told by Lana Cantrell and she said long hair (in the case of a woman) is an antenna that should not be cut short so as to receive cosmic energies......

Hi eleni!

Think about your fingernails. What happens if you do not cut them - they grow and render your movements a little uncomfortable, say washing dishes.
Now think about a man's hair growth. Not shaving results in a beard, which eventually reaches the ground - again contraptions must be used to allow movement.

Lana Cantrell has published approprite information about the crown of the spirit as an archetype and related to Man uncovering their heads (in taking off their hats 'in solemn places'), whilst woman are to remain covered.
This can of course be erroneously identified in 'covering a woman head to toe' in superficialities, instead realising it means the covering of bald skull by hair.

Funny, when it starts falling out the moneymakers invent schemes to glue or paste it back on in contraindication of cutting it off when it is there.\

Do Gorillas and Chimpanzees cut their hair? Why does an Orang-Utan not visit the hairdresser?
Because there is something about the human genome, which is 'different', like the 'being on heat', from its biological and genetic relatives.

Certain hair only grows to a certain length and performs biochemical functions, such as protecting glandular biology from dehydration and such.
Nature should be asked the questions of why and not some 'beautician'.

There is a lot of money to be made to portray the 'idea of a beautiful woman' to be an emasculated, anorexic shaven thin figure; spending lots of income to 'get rid' of attributes given by nature at birth in the genome.

Entering the Louvre in Paris or the London Galleries shows that Aphrodite, the embodiment of classical art in the renaissance was anything else but a thin hollow woman, just about to fall apart.

So providing information and background data (say why do Gorillas don't need hairdressers); will allow a more informed choice to be made by anyone to cut what, all or any hair or not.

Australopithecus Ramidus 4 million years ago was more 'hairy' than Neanderthal Man was more 'hairy' than Cro Magnon 26,000 years ago.
Then if the genome of the new starhuman is designed to further eliminate hair-growth, then nature shall implement this genetic variation.
Barring genetic malfunction, the present human template is sufficient for the present stage of evolutionary development.

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