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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by JohnMatX View Post
My Question is quite simple. How is anything NEW? New Earth is not new. It has a name but Why aren't We told it? Why must we think we Co-create something New. When it's already there? All these things Feed our EGO. The biggest pitt fall is EGO Spiritualism. All of which we are taught threw quite a bit "New Age" paths. I read channelings supposedly from "Angels" calling us Warriors of Light. Giving us Names Like Gods and Goddess/Lords. These words are empty. These titles are only necessary for people who want attention or Respect/Power. You don't have to say what you think you are. You being you is enough. Our people have been treated like dirt. Once They hear names like Gods or "Ascended" Masters, Lords and they think this is all ok. We were taught this by those who manipulate Us. Those who still strive for FULL control. Lead us and give Us a sense of power threw Titles. I don't want no YES man to tell me everything is ok. I want truth not what Our Egos want Us to hear. When people say New Earth is already here. Yes in a way it is but We as a Collective we choose what probability we choose to align with. Nothing is Set in Stone. I am part reptilian myself for many of Us are. Nothing special. I am a D-12 collective consciousness too and go beyond that. Wow big deal. We all are. I just get the feeling this post is a vortex for people to feed on. Many truths here, many half truths all energy to be borrowed or consumed. Everything is filter everything is taken. Everything changes. Universal Evolving Truth of our own Perception. All is not perfect but all is perfect for learning Yes? Learn who you are, Depend on Your God seed Self. Be a true Ambassador of a Sovereign Being from your collective. For there is no I BUT WE! We choose who We Were and Are. In Loving Kristic Services We offer Peace and Love for all Who seek to heal within the scared Cleansing fields of Love. Unity Through Complementary Diversity! John M
Yes, this is very true- in new age circles much is twisted non truths and those are deceptive......
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