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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church


You have no idea what I believe or why I believe it so I am not sure why you are coming at me.

First off you have to look at things objectively, if you have a horse in the race then you are not going to be very objective.

First off there were giants in the land, you can quote that from any number of sources. That in and of itself does not corroborate any thing to do with the book Enoch.

The gnostic view on things certainly did exist, is there any good reason to believe they were right, no.

The man Enoch lived about five thousand years ago, if he wrote anything it would be in glyph form on clay or stone, where are they?

The text of 1Enoch has many inconsistencies and is not one writing but the product of the inclusion of several and obviously not by the same writer. It has been a long time since I studied the book of Enoch but you can do it just as good as I can.

The book of Enoch was written by some one using his name but obviously not him, it is a pseudepigrapha, that is indisputable fact.

The problem with the book of Enoch as far as scripture goes for the time it was written is two fold, it was written at a late date by some one other than Enoch and it goes against the teachings in the Torah that predate it by thousands of years. The original Hebrews never believed in the end of the world stuff or eternity in hell etc. The early christians never believed that either until the Roman church inserted it into the text. Yet that is what that little book preaches, it is a dangerous little book because it confuses people on either side of the issues it speaks to. The book of Enoch neither agrees with the Tanakh nor the early christian beliefs, it only agrees with the manipulated texts and manipulated doctrines of the fifth century onward church.
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