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Default Re: 27th November...Full Disclosure??

When Peterson talked about Nov 27 as the disclosure date something was also briefly mentioned that the date itself has significance. On an earlier thread last week (pasted below) I pointed out that 11/27/2009 breaks down into interesting combination's of 22, 11 & 3. So I asked if anyone versed in numerology or astrology could shed any light by interpreting the date, both Pablo and Luminari gave interesting feedback and Dr Who pointed out my poor addition

Last night while watching Rik Clay talk about the 11:11 phenomena, I had a rather creepy revelation which probably means absolutely nothing - when you add each set of numbers in November 27, 2009 it works out like this:

1+1 2+7 2+0+0+9
2 9 11
The 2nd 9/11

Now I'm probably reading something into nothing, but when you're aware of the Esoteric Agenda and the way talismans are used in an occult like manner to symbolize something, or to help make things happen then dates like this get your attention. It's fascintating how they can twist up a date or number, or maybe a page of letters and words to have hidden meaning, like the bible codes.

Rik Clay 11:11 Facts

11 & 22

Breaks down into 22, 11's and 3.

Anyone into numerology wanna take a shot at deciphering the date. does this mean anything?

11 27 2009

11 1+1=2
27 2+7=9


Add all the numbers in month and day 11 & 27 = 1+1+2+7=11

Add numbers in the year 2009 = 2+0+0+9=11

Add 11+11=21 (errr 22


Look at all the 11's, this is the first time I worked it out on paper, kinda weird

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