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Default Re: Organic food is no healthier, study finds???

Well, not to add flame to the fire, but in a way they are right! They are also wrong! How? Going organic, or stopping spraying and using artificial manufactured fertilizer does not automatically infuse the food we grow with health! (meaning nutritional density) Something thats crawling with bugs and diseases means that it is not meant for us, its for the clean up crew of bugs and disease.

Many organic produce growers have realized over the past years that what is missing is the mineral balance of the soil.Many have addressed this and are producing high quality fruits and vegetables. Others have just jumped on the "organic" bandwagon without doing their homework. The test of good quality fruit and vegetable is the nutritional density and one way of assertaining that is by using a refractometer. (Originally developed to test grapes for sweetness) I use mine to test produce that I buy and the organic produce is higher in brix (sweetness)/ Studying with Dr Arden Anderson and reading Dr Phil Callaghans books one learns that high quality produce does not attract pests and diseases. Insects are attracted by the lower vibration given off of poor health plants which is the attractor. The pests and diseases are the cleanup crew. High quality produce lasts much longer. It will dehydrate rather than rot.

Much of the organic movement has the wrong end of the stick. Testing for good quality and consistant quality should be mandatory at the supply end of there marketing. The thing is to produce high quality one has to grow organically, but it has come from well balanced mineralized soils to produce the quality. Micro- managing at the growing end is not the answer. Insisting on a consistant high qualtiy test at the marketing end is what the market (the consumers) should demand. Asteram could reply to this thread very well. Where are you Asteram?



Ps Acres USA is a great resource to find out about all this subject.
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