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Default Re: Organic food is no healthier, study finds???

Time honored way of fertilizing - when I lived in Japan in the 50's all that was carefully saved for the fields. Good deer deterent, too.

Originally Posted by Pomguymguy View Post
On one local TV channel last night a current affair programme did an interview with an Australian farmer who grows veggies - they were looking at packets of frozen food sold in the major supermarkets here. Many veggie packets stated that it was from local and imported product -a lot from China.

We have a friend here in our local town who has travelled in China on 3 or 4 bike riding holidays. Just a couple of years back he stopped off in one village to use the public toilet. He used the urinal and was curious as to where the outlet ran, as it was in a fairly remote area.

Outside there was a bamboo pipe conveing his pee straight out into a field of veggies.

Guess you would call this 'very organic" ?:
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