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Post Tsarion and Origins and Oracles

Origins and Oracles is a DVD set that goes over a bunch of different subjects. I believe its about 60 hours and it took about 4 weeks for me to watch it. I have to re-watch it because there is so much info there but I wanted to get any elses take on this video series. Just some of the subject matter includes:
  • Atlantis and Aliens
  • Serpent cult (non reptilians)
  • Religious and corporate symbols
  • 2012
  • John Dee and Macroscope
  • quarantine 'net' around the earth
  • Aliens that may be in stasis
  • The tarot and astrology/astronomy
  • Astrotheology

And a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember right now. That list is puny compared to all of the info he reviews.
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