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Default Re: Love and beauty are pervading our world...

Man Teaches Wolf to Howl

Be prepared for the cutest video you will see today!

This man specializes in training abandoned or rescued wolves so they can re-enter the wild. In this short video, he teaches a pup how to howl. Not only is it so adorable, it’s ridiculous…but what’s really impressive is how much this man sounds like an actual wolf. Spot on! (He kind of looks a little wolf-like as well. We all have our “animals within.”)

Shaun Ellis has immersed himself with wolves, learning elements that will undoubtedly help scientists and wildlife. Let’s all take our hats off to man with such a deep and undying commitment.

Ladies and gentlemen, Wolfman Shaun Ellis teaching a very young wolf pup to howl:

Cutest Video Ever - Man teaches Wolf to Howl

Love always

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