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Default Re: The ripple effect

Originally Posted by Kulapops View Post
Mudra, I love you.

Bushycat, I love you.

Tango, I love you.

Futureyes, I love you.

Truthwillsetyoufree, I love you.

Lindabaker, I love you.

Those I have not named, I love you.

How's that for ripples ?

Lightbeing, I love you for sending me Greg Braden's video, in which he says only 8000 people would be enough to influence a world of 6 billion. The square root of 1%. My kinda maths. Getting 8000 people into a state of love has surely got to be the way forward.

Ripple away Mudra....

Peace n love

Kula I am feeling the love ripples and my heart is beaming
Thank you

Sending you so much love dear heart and love for all who share of themselves on Avalon

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