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Default Re: The ripple effect

I once had this wonderful experience when I went on a trip in Bruges , Belgium with a couple of friends . While visiting the city , we stumbled into a fantastic park with lots of trees and a nice pond , great peaceful ambiance . And as I was discussing some things with a good friend , I thought I would rest a bit near the pond . So we split up and while I was sitting just next to the pond , I threw a stick into the water and it created a few ripples which caught my attention . But soon, those ripples started taking different forms like triangles squares and so on , covering quite a large area. I was so focused on the ripples I didn't even notice that their form was actually abnormal , until they stopped and I snapped out of it . I know it's not exactly the kind of ripples you raised the topic for , but I just felt I could tell the story, although it might be a bit off topic :P .

P.S. Very nice video mudra ,

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