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Default Re: a different type of spiturality?

Originally Posted by conec View Post
does anyone else here feel like they cant relate?
I have been learning about reality since I was around 8 years old but I feel like I dont understand what people talk about most of the time when they talk about the spititual life that is so good and that its the right way to live. I feel differently. I think I'm one of those angry indigos, or possibly not of this world. I never feel like I belong, like this is not my world, I come from somewhere else and I find humans curious and hard to relate to, I dont get normality. I find myself pining for somewhere else, my home.
I think its time to turn the tables. When we are told to shake off the shackles of this paradigm maybe its also the time to shake of the shackles of what we call spirituality?
I think I am a very spiritual person BUT I dont communicate with the other side, I dont meditiate, I dont live a clean wholesome life. I go out most weekends with my friends, I'm generally all over the place, I struggle to pay the bills, all I care about is learning, I only learn. Does that make me less spititual because I'm not living the good life? I suppose it does, because I dont treat my body with respect. BUt I have a fire burning in my belly, its all about energy?

Heres to all those people out there who are trying so hard to get it right. May we keep on trying and never give up!
Well... From what I've come to experience there's no one way to "god" but infinite amount... I say follow your heart and the answers will be there!

- Jose
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