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Default Re: a different type of spiturality?

"After reading The Future of an Illusion, Rolland wrote to Freud, declaring that while he completely agreed with his interpretation of the “common man’s” religion as being rooted in an infantile need for protection, Freud had neglected the true source of religion. The latter was a subjective experience that Rolland described as “oceanic,” an inner realization of mystical unity that was independent of all dogmas and creeds yet had been utilized and co-opted by the various religious traditions."

Any cognition of spirituality, putting it in do's and don'ts, doctrines and rules, etc. is a distortion or a jading of the real, which is non-conceptual, purely spiritual, as in, children and animals "know" spiritual truth.

There are truisms, no doubt, but the hens and wankers that run around telling people how to be need to just Mind their own business.
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