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Default Re: a different type of spiturality?

Iíve always been pegged as being anti-social but that statement is far from being true. My interest are mainly in metaphysics, science, philosophy, arts and spirituality, all of which few people are in to. Every now and then, Iíll indulge in menial discussions about sports, politicks and other current events but they often lead into confined ideology, the conversations are predictable and offer no food for thought.
Iím someone who is very aware of the boundaries of this reality but love venturing outside of the box. Itís obvious to me that we are being manipulated on various levels and it bothers my energy field when others unknowingly try to keep me in their zone.
Iíve learn to enjoy solitude because many people appear to be hypocrites, lazy, whiners, users, conspirators and envious deluded soulsÖamong other things. Its rough being social and when ever I express myself or question particular issuesÖpeople start assuming Iím thinking Iím better than them. Why do they feel like this? I donít force my ideas or want to cause confusing so I just let them be and continue to do my own thing.

Maybe this is a prison planet / hell, filled with devilish souls who may also be unconsciously creating strife and chaos simply because itís in their nature. Maybe we were cast here to purify our souls before being let back into the galactic community. Obviously many of us welcome negativity and will justify its existence. As for me, Iíve lived many years experiencing beauty without it. IMO, as an adult I donít see the need for it because the only negative experiences I encounter were in my youthful yearsÖand there were many, many lessons to change my outlook on life.

There are plenty of adults justifying harmful practices on themselves and other living beings so itís no wonder to me why they still go thru rough times. It can be disheartening seeing how adults still go thru these hardshipsÖ.Ií am assuming they are still learning some lessons or juggle with ways on committing themselvesÖ

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