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Omo people on the border of the National park the lower Omo valley is home to a fascinating mixture of small contrasting tribal groups in Ethiopia. Their life styles are as varied as the people themselves are.

The Mago valley lies in one of the most culturally diverse areas in the whole of Africa where many elements of ancient nomadic life styles are still practiced just as they were centuries ago. Seeing these colorful people is a rare experience for people from urban cultures.

To the south east is a large ethnic group, the Hamer, who speak a south east Omotic language. They cultivate sorghum and millet in the hills east of the Mago valley and also keep large herds of cattle and goats. On the north east edge of the Mago valley are the Benna, closely related to the Hamer with many cultural similarities. The Hamer wears a variety of colorful ornaments and decorates their hair with colored mud.

At he south end of the Mago valley are small offshoot of the Hamer- the Karo. They cultivate the Omo riverbanks and keep flocks of goats and some cattle. The Karo are noted for their colorful body painting. Adjacent to the Karo, where the Mago joins the Omo, are an even smaller group, the Mugujil These people also cultivate sorghum along the river, and keep goats and hunt and fish.

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