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Default Re: Love and beauty are pervading our world...


Mudra, thank you for this thread, and Brook - it was not accidentally for you to find this video about Omo people and share it with us, I believe.
It can be clearly seen were real beauty came from. For them, beauty is a WAY OF LIFE, not some aesthetical theory that alienates the people from the sources of real pure beauty inside us. The “interventionism” of the Omo people on their faces and bodies is profound deeply in their being unseparated part of the nature, of intuitively understanding what beauty is: Love, Truth, Joy, Essence.
Their colors and parts of plants on their heads are so tasty arranged that one can make studies to explain this astonishing aesthetical ability, and still will not have the answer – were it came from? - except if one can see and understand the wisdom of the heart.
Great thanks to the photographer Hans Sylvester for these pictures.

Also, Gregory Colbert’s video Ashes and Snow has something so archetypical and profoundly poetic that made me to “think” that greatest works of art have nothing to do with the mind. It is so subjective and deep, and in the same time so simply.
Glory to beauty!

Love & Respect

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