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Default Love and beauty are pervading our world...

Friends ,

Brook posted a wonderfull video about the Omo people on the forum .
I was speechless in front of such beauty .
This is one of these moments where time seems suspended and you just feel deep Love.
Out of this this thread was born. Thanks to you Brook .We shared something meaningfull there .
Every day and every minute Love manifests itself .
We are sometimes so preoccupied by our daily living that we fail to notice it .
The time we spend on " thinking " is robbed away from our awareness of Loving.
I invite you to post here your inspiring stories, poetry , music, good news , images , Heart-work or videos that made you heart grow...
so we can all remember that behind the wall of smoke there is a sun that shines bright.
We only have to re-member our connection to it for through a multitude of wonders Love is at work always .
Beauty is the soul's fingers that out of Love makes the universe alive .
Love is has no end. Love is present always .

With Love and gratitude

Brook the honor is yours to share that wonderfull video on this thread .

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