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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

Originally Posted by Kulapops View Post
If you are focusing on us and them (be it Bushes, Rockerfellers or even Mods and Members, or Av1 and Av2 or MoA, the unfairness of life, the evil desires and agendas that people must be having, the end of the world, or running out of lentils Then... according to my new evidence of cake... that is exactly what is going to appear in your life.
I do believe this. On a less esoteric level if none of us lived in fear at all then no one would join the army in any country and war would simply cease as there would be no one to fight them. It would be a paradigm shift for many to believe that other people are not always out to get them and we don't need to necessarily protect ourselves from them. The elite would be quite powerless in that paradigm.
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