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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Originally Posted by James Casbolt View Post
As requested ill tell every one a bit about my self you well have to forgive me on dates and precise ages for my memory is not the best. From very young I had a so could eilness could adhd {I think I was first diagnosed about 5], I had to see doctors and psychiatrist on a regular basis. I was classed as the worst case they had seen in 10 years in this country. I was then described a drug could reterlin for about 2 years {at about the age of 11] which is basically medical speed. I had much trouble in all this time fitting into society and school. I was a very clever kid in areas that was above normal thinking I could never understand the live was designed and had problems with society I use to wonder what the point of live is if all we do is struggle and then die it just never made sense to me. I was sent to a boarding school called netherton hall for bad behaviour at 12 and stayed their for 2 years or so .I was all ways and angry child and till about 16 when I start looking into budishem .I spent most of teenage years looking for answerers but still had many problems. When I was 20 I found out that my so called illness s was not an illness but I was in fact a spiritual healer. I think deep down me new this any way because I self medicated at about the age of 14 - 15 thank god. I also did a course in holistic healing for 18 mouths and was mediating a lot this is I evolved my skills in aura reading. I started looking into conspirce theories or should I say truth searching at about the age of 18 and understood what a crazy world we live in from quit a young age .I had many in counters with ufo s over the years or have seen. I moved to France for 3-4 years to get away from it all and be a snowboarder at about 23-24 I think I just needed a break from it all. but who noís .when I came back I started looking into quantum physics and studying consciousness in a greater depth and decide to tire to write a book on everything I new but my computer mysteriously went down a month into the project. Some recent events made me decide it was time to get involved again so I posted a view pages of my book on this forum thanks to my good friend james it was possible. Sorry I canít put everything in if you have any questions please ask .

Love to all
Jan Rodrigo
Thanks for sharing. Did James Casbolt allow you to write in this thread under his name to add to his credibility? What did Casbolt say to you to write/not to write? I am aware that you are a good witness to collaborate what Casbolt has experienced (ie your light in the shy at night recent post). We appreciate this.

How long have you known Casbolt and how often to you spend time with him these days?
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