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Default Re: Dark entities/energy: need help

Thanks for sharing your experience Zynox... I have experienced something similar. I have also have found a path to clear everything dark in your being and bring in into the light.

So Ruby, I get the intuition that not all of you is in the light. You may not be aware of the part of you that is in the dark... and because of this no matter how much you "fight" these entities you will have problems. So remember this, and it is very key to being free of these entities.

They cannot feed on you, as long as your completely in the light.

Right now don't feel you have to fight the entity... this intention/action is not in the light, and will keep the entity around. Possibly making it stronger. Instead please choose to raise yourself up... and when you cannot, and get stuck, ask for help from all that is.

So first, and easiest, please consider intending to live a life that is positive in all aspects. One that improves your live, and benefits everyone in the process. Even if it only means becoming self sufficient so you are no longer a burden... it still benefits everyone. And then live it... generative action leaves no dark gaps.

Second... please start writing a journal. Start writing a journal about your past... starting with your earliest memories until you get to now. During this process you will find that there might be gaps you cant remember in your past... some of them years in length. These are things you could have repressed, and could not deal with back when they happened. However these are the things you may have to deal with now. And set the intention to remember what you have repressed, and to deal with it in a positive manner. Just being aware, will bring your darkness into the light.

Third... Always make the effort to stay positive, and be happy. And when you cant thank all that is generative helping you to be positive and happy, and in high spirits. We cannot force ourselves to be happy, even though we want to be. This is where higher powers come in. I have yet to see this one fail, not ever.

Just to sum this up... darkness cannot exist where there is light. So there is no need to fight... flies will only stick around as long as there is garbage for them to feed on. So do your best...

love and light bro... you have my blessings
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