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Default Re: Water distiller thread:

Originally Posted by Connecting with Sauce View Post
>British Berkefeld gravity water filter system

Does that filter the Fluoride and chloride out of the water?

It suggests here there is a method of getting fluoride out with a filter...

A very similar method was discussed on the david icke forum from a water butt, a pipe, a bag of pebbles and 7 bags of sand. Still not a fluoride filter which is why I'm investigating the distiller route.

Getting closer to a solution...

I have a reverse osmosis water filter system, which removes fluoride, you can pick them up pretty cheap, if you shop around (via the net) and very easy to plumb in.

I also have a water Ioniser that I made, using Stainless steel plates and a solar powered flat panel battery charger. It separates the water to Acid & Alkaline. (you will need 2 containers to store water)
Acid half is good for plants and external use (skin, hair etc)
Alkaline half is good for internals, helps flush out all the nasty stuff.
Again loads of info out there on the net.

Have fun!
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