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Default Re: Too Late To Buy Metals!

Originally Posted by broken arrow View Post
what's up with your shiite comment? what a load of bull. i'm no shiite, you can count on that.

perhaps you're the shiite. Perhaps your comments reveal YOU as such.

Good Day, Cheers.

Perhaps you should learn to read. When a comma is used around a specific word it denotes an idea not included in the main statement but worthy of inclusion. But hey, yer 'merican and we can leave yer poor grammar to publik scool and flouride i suppose. Why not look about for the gold and silver threads.

Yes Ideas are a currency. When I traveled I could have collected currency teaching permaculture in Latin America. But I've yet to see an idea on a forum which went anywhere. Good luck in your endeavours though, run with them me'laddie. Ye Gods, what have the Americans produced? They used to be brilliant and now they can't read. Tis a shame, really.
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