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Default Too Late To Buy Metals!

Following many, many threads on various forums it seems that the people whom have metals are a) no longer selling them due to overt market manipulation in all metals. Notice how the 'war metals' are seemingly being kept low (so those in charge of stockpiling said metals for the fedgov can snap them up). What are the war metals you might ask...rhodium, platinum, cobalt, palladium spring to mind. Don't ask me what in god's snot they do with them...they are simply known as 'war metals', I may have missed a few.
b) like most of the shops I called today, are simply out of stock and awaiting delivery 'sometime' later. I could buy some 'collector' coins but I feel silly paying w-a-a-y too much over spot price for anything. I don't collect metals 'cause they are old and shiny.

Rumour has it Germany has banned precious metals sales to the general public. Iceland(1) and Hungary(1) are floating belly up...1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21 etc...the spiral of collapse unfolds. Who's next as the big blue marble spins and the game comes to it's not-so-astonishing end?

As Olberman, and many other before would say...
"Good Night and Good Luck"

It's good to have seeds (and metals and guns), it is better to have seeds (and metals and guns) and know what to do with them, it is even better to have seeds and a place to grow them, it is best to have seeds (and guns and metals), the knowledge of how to grow them, and a place to stick'em in the earth.
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