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Default Re: Mandatory Vaccinations against the swine flu in US

Originally Posted by Sarahmay View Post
I just received this in an email at my office about H1N1 protocols:

The first level of response will be to prevent illness. Our campus has been selected as a point of distribution for the H1N1 immunization. This means all students, employees and employees’ families will be able to receive the immunization series free of charge. The H1N1 immunization is a two-injection series, but at this time health officials are not certain when it will be available. The seasonal flu immunization will also be offered, and everyone should plan to receive both the H1N1 series and the seasonal flu shot. When the flu clinics are planned, we’ll urge 100% participation.

Um, I think I'll be sick that day. generous of them not to "charge" the people when they are trying to kill them. So a total of 3 shots urged.......hmmmmmmm they really are desperate to cause some serious harm.

What does the words "we'll urge 100% participation" mean exactly. Does it mean that after their urging, and people refuse, then they will up the ante. & drag people out of their home & jabb them .I wonder how they will play it

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