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Default Re: Water distiller thread:


I got a Mini Classic II water distiller which although noisy all the parts are fully serviceable.

A good under sink water filter or reverse osmosis machine may be the way to get all the stuff out of the water and then re-energise the water with some sort of vortex jug.

My thread on water 70% which is stickied has most of the information in it also.

The main reason I went for the distiller over the filter option is it allows me to make collidial silver. With a family and many people drinking the water I think the distiller route would be unpractical and mean it would be conituously on. I drink ~4L of water a day and it is on twice a day for me... with a family and 4-5 people I feel the filter option plus just would be the better option for drinking... You may still want to consider a distiller for making silver water. If you were going for a distiller for the family route you would need a twin tank and the cost will be higher 600-700 and it runs a seperate tank with valve which means it always has water on tap.

Re-energising with a VORTEX is so important with either route you go to get rid of the memory effects of the polution and negativity in the water...

Don't forget the toothpaste too as this has fluoride in it... retarDEX is fluoride free AND has MMS in it
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