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Default Re: Could not believe what I saw on television tonight down under.


I realize that it's also the other way round: the people we meet here e.g. on this forum are all informed and open minded.

It looks like, and we assume, the whole world would know about it ...
Don't let our daily interactions on this forum make us forget that we still have a big job revealing this to others.

I noticed that the people I know and gently inform about this topic most of the time object against the idea and maybe
even get upset thinking that you're joking around with them.
They cannot believe somebody (a government or inside group) would be evil enough to perform this for their own agenda.

So consider this: you are all guardians, you're not only here to protect yourself but also have to include some kind
of plan for them too (if possible).

That's your ultimate challenge, take good care of others too. We should not condemn them for ignorance but keep
respecting them despite another view ...

Keep the positive flux going !
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