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Originally Posted by Quasimodo View Post
Bottom line is that it requires a lot of practice and the need to stay away from any form of sexual activity if you want to be able to travel anywhere at all. (It has to do with energetic levels). (Sensing the energy around you) I
I do NOT agree, that one needs to stay away
from "sexual activity",
as, it can help you discover
the highest of highes, and, the lowest of lows,
and, do it, with a partner,
where you can NOT only heart centre,
but, head/or mind centre, too
another provides input,
and, the two people, can create a much better output,
and, a faster learning curve...
however, most of my life,
i have lived with "NUN" of that in 3D
(often, when in a commited type of relationship,
having another there, has eXcelerated the process,
however, the intention of two, is eXceeding important,
to the equation)
do NOT a lot of people, have "sex" with themselves ?
(ahh, perhaps, taboo, to mention that)
i find it hard to believe, that cutting yourself off from that,
makes you "snake" rise better, inside ...
having three SnakeS riSe, together, is a trine
the eXchanger
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