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Default Re: Toronto Downtown

Hi kopenhagen,

I'm aware about the prediction of 2003. At the time, I checked the info and realise Px wasn't going to arrive. But I still consider the other information on it's own merit and correlate it with other sources. The 200 ft rise , I believe is consistent with other sources. The mud expansion, you can take it or leave it, but I play safe and my land is at 1500 ft+.

I did my graduate engineering work at U. of T. under a 4 year NRC scholarship, so am quite at home in both the scientific and spiritual aspects of life. It is important at this time to develop your own intuitive knowing. This knowing comes from making a connection to your soul/ immortal aspect of the self. The only requirement is that you be true to yourself, otherwise you end up with self deception. Events will move too fast for you to wait for scientific proof. The purpose of the present transformation is for us to go back to a more heart center way of being, to be in touch with our gifts of the spirit. The conscious level with the 5 physical senses is just too limiting for these times.

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