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Default Re: Toronto Downtown

The pole shift scenario is not too tough to survive the event, but tough to recover from. It is projected to cause all volcanoes to erupt, cloudy skies and rain for years, and all ice melting in the poles within 2 years, raising the sea level in excessive of 600 ft. It's the scenario that would kill billions directly, and followed by billions starving to dealth.

This scenario is associated with a PX passage, and not evryone is convinced this will happen. Preparation is not so different; the key considerations are that you choose a site that is about 700 ft. elevation, and say 100 miles inland. Other than that you need to store sufficent food and supplies for you to survive until you can have food production to survive. I see that the ability to grow food would be greatly eased if we have access to energy, ideally ZPE, which may be available commercially in the forseeable future.
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