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trying to stay on top of the developments as they occur ...local,global,and even universal.glad to see there are others around,yes i agree we should have some kind of a more direct support system ,perhaps even a meeting sounds good in the near to any ideas we could develop our Toronto ground crew.meanwhile , i have stocked up on water, canned goods,withdrall all money,karosene heater ,winter is is crashing as we speak.time to get over the shock and awe start developing plan" b" so as to not be drawn into the kaos and fear when it shuold arrive.remember always the truth that was hidden from the Ages is that there is a fractal element of God in each and every human being place into the very fabric of what we are and that our prayers are truly heard if they are from a pure heart and delivered from the very depth your faith,..."and it shall come to pass that in the last days who ever shall call upon the name of the lord HE WILL BE SAVED.Ps.that object is still sitting there on the rings of saturn,but u dont hear about it on cnn,should be world news( it out...New Jeruselem is what they called there arcutectural world.
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