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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

Originally Posted by Agape View Post
Is it (not ) because of the Dragons ? Would they come to this forum to eat you ?

Bad emotions about Dragons anyone and what do we really know about them ..

Don't ask me how I know but most of the so called Dragon race are highly evolved, spiritually advanced and organized beings, much stronger individualities than current humans and whatever allegations had been raised against their ethical conduct , most are based on our weak sight,
weak understanding of reality and UNWILLINGNESS to learn.

To learn something new from another being than your human brother/sister, requires touching common grounds and keeping to rules of universal ethics.

This is where Dr Greer comes to my mind , as figure and problematics known to most here.

Beings living in different 'corners' of space will never be quite alike, in their appearance, standards, emotions , yet, they all are sparkles of One Universal Intelligence, providing them with common laws of ethics when approaching those of other descent.
Have you noticed. Even here on Earth , you might have been present at inter-cultural exchange , meetings with people from cultures very different from yours, and it took long time to each be able not to condemn but appreciate the others knowledge, spiritual and cultural heritage.
To appreciate something/someone deeply requires genuine interest and effort to learn about them, not necessarilly to forget others or ones own self,
but yes, to forget ones own self too is something we can afford,
in order to learn , from someone else.

I don't mean to imply anything else than general disability of mankind to cope even with their own 'individualisation' factor ,
other-ness of appearance or character, not to speak about beings who might be highly intelligent and with benevolent effort to give hand to us who need it but,
will the majority of people again be so ignorant to refuse , so proud to call things they don't understand firsthands 'a cult' , to disable the communication rather than to handle it ?

Making fun of others or even ones self can provide one with emotional relief but one should not base his mind set on such a feature.
It's something I'm witness to very much these days, in this so called 'advanced western society', living on skepticism and doubts that there's any more to this all than eternal mock and ridicule
and that serious and fun , truth and love, can't go well together.

But, in the days to come ..for our own good, it needs to change AND to be accept , lovingly, exchange with other intelligent entities than humans,
the ignorance and mocking factor need to step away ,
to find out what is the other trying to say ..

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