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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by realitycorrodes View Post
Greetings abraxasinas,

Thank you for your previous replies to my questions.

I wish to ask you personally.

Do you personally eat animals?

From the Thuban perspective I do not require food intake, related to the programmed lightbody following the metamorphosis,
From the human perspective I eat mainly vegetables and fluids, some fish and little meat.

Do the Thuban Council recommend eating animals (unnecessarily) to people who wish to access higher vibratory dimensions?

Have you been to the Inuit country? There the diet is almost exclusively seal and fish; simply because nothing else is available there.
So your label of 'unnecessarily' is inappropriate in the Inuit country.

And yet the Inuit honours its seals and certainly does not engage in wanton slaughter. The seal is a close relative to the bear and the canines and so is rather closely affiliated with the consciousness evolution of the species interactions and the consciousness as a whole.

Or do they recommend eating a vegerarian diet to people who wish to access higher vibratory dimensions?

Yes, generally a vegetarian diet high in alkaloids is more suitable for the human vessel and circulatory systems (endocrine, blood, nerve, intestinal etc); both in the ease of digestion and the containment of the biochemical nutrients.

Or they don't recommend either of the above as in their perception it does not matter?

We do not sit in judgement about what anyone eats. We observe what the 'health effects' are in the intake of substances and foods and then, following analysis, we may publish our conclusions.
One example would be alcohol in moderation has been found to be beneficial for the biochemical reactor; whilst the intake of artifical nicotine products has shown no beneficial effects at all, but has indicated many health problems.

Do the Thuban council recognise that it is unnecessary for humans to eat animals?

Yes, whilst the human genus has evolved to be omniverous, say with canine teeth reducing from the say canine or feline emphasis; a vegetarian diet can be entertained by finding appropriate substitutes for the proteins and vitamins required by the biochemical reactors.

P.S. I don't eat my friends the animals a world of abundance in the west at least ... it always looks unnecessary to eat our friends.

You are forgetting that animals eat animals and so some of your friends eat some of your other friends. I DO agree with your sentiments, but the time of the lion eating straw has not yet come. And yes there is no unnecessary 'slaughter and eating' amongst your friends.

P.S. Don't our friends the animals enjoy ever right to a long happy life absorbing and processing the experiences of the earth program from their perscpective. Their purpose as a learning function is surely more than just becoming fertiliser.

Yes, you have not understood my replies and are biased towards your own understandings and database.
The little ant in your garden is connected to ET intelligence and this is more than fertilizer, but relates to the Sharing of Consciousness.

P.S. I try to be harmonic. Love for me is harmonic. It does no harm! Killing an animal unnecessarily seems to be disharmonic to me? Eating the fruit form a tree and killing an animal seem very different things in terms of maintianing harmony.

That is what I said in my reply.

At the end of the day, I wish to experience harmony so I try to live as harmoniously as I can without inflicting the great horror/ pain upon my friends the animals. Why is this so hard for humans to understand?

What about the disabled zebra being attacked by a pride of female lions and being torn apart. This part of the 'Nature in Agony' has NO human input at all. Your sentiments are from the heart and in the 'New World' the zebra will NOT be food for the lions. Physical reality of the old world is more violent, as the 'sharing of consciousness' is 'forced' by nature's self-evolution.

Wishing Peace and the end of ignorance to all sentient beings!
To sit in judgement about the Natural World and its selfexpression can be considered to be a form of ignorance.

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