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This post will be finished on my comp, then put back up. Below are basic simple understandings
I may change this post quite a few times before I feel it's right, once I am happy with it I will remove this header and re-post, so if you are reading aint finished!

My views and opinions are just that. Views and opinions!


What, Where, When and Why. (And the Who and How maybe!)

Observation is Everything!

Right, lets have it...

1. You're only alive finitely right now!
If you could pause time and realize that One whole second is 'infront' of you, and likewise, One whole second is 'behind' you, Which bit are you actually alive? How 'Big' is the gap 'BETWEEN' seconds that you seem to inhabit? Where and when is the NOW?
Think about it! Zoom you're mind in to locate which bit you're alive! 'chop' the two second's up into into equal parts, class the second infront of you as the future and the second behind you as the past. Try billionth's of a second. Zoom in,select 1 billionth of each second from infront of you and from behind you, then, zoom in again, are we there? No? Ok then lets go to trillionths of a second, get your 1 billionth of a second again and chop it up, but this time into a trillion pieces, again select one part each way, zoom in, divide, select, chop, zoom.... you wanna keep going? You can alway's divide, chop and zoom and still you can't reach the part where you're actually here, Alive! As long as any of the seconds remain, ( obviously equal amounts both ways,) then they're still part of the future or the past and you don't live in either one of those spectrums! Mmmm... For more info on this annomaly please contact: your inner self!

2. How big is the Universe?
However big it is, it still has to be in something to be there in the first place right? 'cos you can't put something in nothing, and whatever it is in, has also to be in something, or same applies, its a never ending situation, and thats just not logically correct, not in what we perceive to be a physical, materialistic, enviroment or Reality anyway.
And if 'Nothing' existed in the first place how did 'Something' get 'in' it - it didnt exist TO GET IN! right!

3. Everything's made of Energy!
Five simple steps through quantum physics to string theory : it's all about polarity.
-a) Reality, as we know it, is made up of Atoms. Nothing else. Just Atoms. Every single thing we see. Atoms!
-b) Atoms are made up of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. Nothing else. Just Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. And these make up every single Atom in our Reality!
-c) Electrons just are Energy. Nothing else but Energy. We'll come to this one later.
-d) Protons and Neutrons are made of Quargs and Quarks. Nothing else. Just Quargs and Quarks! (sound's like a ghost story doesn't it! pmpl)
(eg: for simplicity purposes-2 quargs and 1 quark makes a proton and 1 quarg and 2 quarks make a neutron)*
-e) Quargs and Quarks are made of vibrating strings of energy, some open ended strings like number ones, and some closed ended strings like number Zero's. And Literally nothing else! Just vibrating Energy!!
(eg: for simplicity purposes- 2 open ended strings and 1 closed ended string makes up quargs, and 1 open ended string and 2 closed ended strings makes up quarks)*
*these figures are for imaginary explanation purposes only and I'm sure its in the billions or trillions, or even billions of trillions!

All of it Energy?
You mean ALL of it - literally?
Me? even lol?


That might hurt.

Yep! it did.
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