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Default Re: _AVALON LOUNGE_ Open 24 hours

Agreed! In fact, may I humbly propose renaming our digital den of iniquity, "Brinty's Bar & Grill"? The Avalon Lounge is so...airport. Thanx & kudos to all for countless treasured moments of fun, laughter & connecting. Oh yeah, I'm the quiet one smoking & drinking coffee at my favourite table by the kitchen, where you can see the whole room. Plus the cook slides me treats. One night, the cook's dog peed on Brinty (sleeping, you got it, under one of the tables) before I could stop him. Oh, the things I've seen & heard here! Thx all for the laughs & also love the joke pages that I just discovered. Its so great to see everyone, I'm buying a round for the house & a bunch of appys, so Brinty doesn't get too silly, too early on...CHEERS, ALL

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