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Default Re: A video the army doesn't want us to see

You can let this bring you down or let it inspire you to make a stand. Everyday Iím realizing just how much fear is in this world.

Until people start walking and less talking these atrocities will continue. I donít see this stopping anytime soon when people do nothing but cry and chat. Everyday Iím recruiting for various positions, while I still have some power in media, public relations and other areas I feel itís my true duty to create awareness, and Iím proud to say as a bonus to this enlightenment to the masses small militias have been formed. Tactics are in place, weíre just waiting for the right time to spring into action. I hope there are more preparing out there because itís frustrating dealing with people who know whatís up but do nothing but run their mouths. They are the worseÖ

All of this madness will come to an end, and peace of mind will be obtained in victory or in death. Do or dieÖor suffer.

We can do this

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