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Default Re: A video the army doesn't want us to see

Ww2 wasn't about ethnic cleansing but rather...oil. Who ever controls the oil pipelines controls controls the world

it wasn`t about either of those 2 things it was about getting a foothold on one world government (the U.N.) and the Establishment of a Jewish state and if millions of Jews had to die to get it all the better . One of the biggest things here that people don`t realize was Hitlers background. Just take a guess at what his ethnic nationality was you will be surprised when you find out . Who do you think give him the orders to do the ethnic cleansing ?

The continuation of Hitlers policies in the middle east and North Africa are being continued by the u.S. government civilization began in this area when the military went into Iraq one of the first places they went was the Iraqi museum and they blew the doors off it and took all the relics from the Babylonian era that Saddam was collecting Hitler was in Antarctica and North Africa looking for something it wasn`t oil

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