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Default Re: A video the army doesn't want us to see

I think if people realized just how dependent on oil we are the "blood for oil" statement wouldn't be so shocking.

Oil is used for:

machinery lube

Life as we know it wouldn't exist without oil. Oil is a finite source. It's limited and will eventually run out. 70% of the oil comes from the middle east. 69% of that figure comes from Iran.

One of the very fist things Hitler did in ww2 was get control of Africa and the middle east for the oil supply and shipping lines.

Ww2 wasn't about ethnic cleansing but rather...oil. Who ever controls the oil pipelines controls controls the world.

It's not just military industrial complex but also plastic manufacturers, packaging companies, computers, construction industry, fuels industry, big pharama, agriculture industry, chemical industry, medical supply industry, shipping and trucking industry, auto industry, aviation industry, clothing industry....all rely on oil to operate.

So, when you rely on a finite source that is more valuable that gold people will go to war over that resource. They will oppress a country, declare opposition an enemy of the state and use absolute force to not only gain control of that resource but also control the governments.

There will never really be a "green revolution" due to this fact. Global warming was a scam, we know that for a fact now. There will never be an alternative to oil until there is no oil left.

The combustion engine can actually run on a verity of fuels, including alcohol...the reason why gas became a primary source was due to oil having such an abundance at the time and agriculture being limited by harvest issues.

Nuclear power was to be the magic bullet at first. It could replace wood burning steam engines and even be used in small car like steam engines. But since nuclear fuel and waste are so toxic that never panned out.

Fuel cell technology is poised to replace some gasoline guzzling engines but not all. It would only relieve a fraction of the oil dependency over all. Even with fuel cell engines in every car in the world we would still be fighting for oil due to it's other uses.

Plastics, packaging, machinery, aviation, agriculture, pharma, chemical industries are not going away.

It's much easier for people to think of this being a righteous war of good verses evil than to admit it's to sustain our way of life. Which makes one wonder...what extant will an enemy go to to cripple the USA?
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