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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?


I fully understand your concerns, sincerely i do.

Av2 has been worked on for over 3 months, it was always going to be moved so to provide a better forum. More bandwidth and techie stuff ect...

An 'improvement' was the agenda from the begining for all the members and staff. (Bills vision) The timing of smurfs, infiltration, lead to the volunteer mods and admins trying to come together on the same page as 'how to deal with it all' (the last month in particular)... Remember when it was sub, we had very few probs, going free was always going to be a hard task to keep the forum vibrant and positive. We opened the doors and thats when the trouble started...period. Also BIll and Kerry were not in alignment with each other for over a year...this is just the cause and effect of change...I have struggled to stay neutral thru all of this, regardless of my personal opinion, sacrifice for being a mod.

Please take assurance that we have learnt a great deal of late, yes there have been mistakes...we are learning from them just like everybody else.

From the begining of PA/PC, it has been 'learn as you go' and 'hope to get it right'.

All i really know for sure is that i can only control my own being! However I believe in Bills vision and gave him my support. This is why Im still here.


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