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Let me again stress the simple saving power of a Name of God ...especially now when some sort of worldwide disaster seems imminent

Choose a Name infused with Divinity - Repeat It -

You can quarrel discuss philosophize the validity of such a simple mental exercise ...but a Name of God is Divine Life and it attracts spiritual blessings

All religion tell this and all spiritual souls will confirm this most potent spiritual worship - Repetition of a Name of God - Think it Whisper it Shout it Often - Armor yourself with a Name of God

Dont be to egocentric independent stubborn proud and embarrassed to neglect the Loving Living Name of God - Try it and feel the potency of the Name

Haidakhan Babaji believed to be -and supposedly confirmed by himself- Mahavatar Babaji who revived the liberating science of Kriya Yoga which was Paramahansa Yogananda main meditation discipline

Haidakhan Babaji (-from wikipedia) said
some type of great disaster was coming, though he did not say what it was or when it would come. He did say that it would be a worldwide catastrophe. In some countries he predicted a survival rate of 5% or lower, saying that the highest survival rate in any country would be 25%, while some countries would be completely destroyed. The only way to survive this was to pray to one's chosen deity or chant Om Namah Shivaya

Nama Japa, the repetition of God's Name, was a fundamental part of Haidakhan Babaji's teachings:

Have faith! Reciting the Name of the Lord is not the first, but the last stage of spiritual practice! When lions enter the forest, the other animals run away. Likewise, all evil thoughts will vanish with the recitation of the Lord's name. Reciting the Name of the Lord will bring you the company of a good people and you will be near saints. Blessed are the few who will discard the kingdom of the world for the Lord's name. Such a devotee always resides in My heart. In the womb, you take a vow not to get attached; but as soon as you come out, you get entangled. Abandon attachment! Your mind plays tricks on you! That is why you are after pleasures! All worldly things - including the desire for liberation - are obstacles to which you are attached. If you want divine peace, leave behind ignorant karma

Also Jesus taught the importance of Remembrance of the Name of God
I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 14:6

Have some faith some sacred words in your mouth and be baffled at the gracious grace which hurls down in acceptance of the Name and lifts It up up as sweet scents in Heaven

- if the moderators believe in the saving power of a Name of God i wish this post be taken out of this thread and made a sticky in this section so many people see it and hopefully try it -

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