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Originally Posted by macrostheblack View Post
How many of us see God as a friend? Sure, we all call on him in times of difficulty - sadly as a last resort. I never thought of God as being a friend or mate etc - just a mysterious aspect of life. I accept that God exists but wouldnt have prayed, talked to him/her as a close friend. To me he/she was an authority that sees all and that (we all) I have difficulty contacting.
God is the nearest dearest friend - Man are brothers and sisters - Man come and go but God stay - Cultivate a Sacred Still Space - Allow time to be alone with yourself - Choose a Name and Form of God that appeals or Formless a Flame - As one imagines God so He will conform - As a Friend a Father a Child a Bridegroom a King a Master a Flame a Sphere according to the mentality of Man - Meditation is to bask in Gods Being as Truth - Devotion is to bask in Gods Being as Love - Prayer is Communion Fasting is Cleansing - a Name of God is a Lantern of Light in the night of worldliness
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