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Default Re: Now THIS really scares me..

Originally Posted by freekatz View Post
Thanks for pointing that out to me if the quote was taken out of context...I was just using a news headline and should probably have delved into it further, unfortunately I don't have the time or the inclination to sit and listen to anything more that Sarah Palin has to say.

Regardless of how accurate the quote was, I still find the prospect very frightening of Palin or any of her cronies being supported and loved so much by a dumbed down populace who think war is such a marvelous and necessary action, people who have so little empathy or compassion for their fellow human beings, people who are so cold and heartless they feel nothing for the carnage and devastation that war causes...I base this statement on a broad spectrum of people that I have to deal with on a daily basis.

For the record...what did she say exactly?
Here is that part of the interview if you really want to know what she said. Like her or hate her, you gotta give her some credit. She has tough skin to go through everything the media has thrown at her and still has a good attitude. Most people can't even get out of bed without a bad attitude. As far as experience. There are only 2 qualifications to be president. 1. Native born citizen. 2. over age 35. So I guess she is as qualified as anyone.

As for God's sense of humor, look at who our VP to be is. What a joke.
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