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Default Re: I too will soon move on ...

Not leaving Lightblue ...only moving on where I feel I may serve best.

I explained below in my answer to Ross... no where in the entire universe would I be able to put a sanctuary that is not open to all .
My spiritual work is freely given to everyone .
And so it will remain always.

Love from me
mudraok, sounds like you are sticking with the principle, ..but this forum wasn't free for all only a few months ago and you were still with it - it was there for those williuig to pay for the membership, so it wasn't free for were ok with that at the time...i am somewhat disappointed in your mission after all..

christo888, you say

Mudra music.

Only a New World Order wants to monitor! Little sneakers.
your comparison is unfair..surely, you must know that all internet forums are monitored.

this thread is full os resentment, it seriously lacks positivity..why sink to bitterness..

best wishes l
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