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Default Re: I too will soon move on ...

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Jester ,

I will remember the eternal groovieness and will get back to your awesome thread whenever I need to be reminded of this
I'll meet you for the party at the final assembly point ..that's a deal !
Keep up the good work . Yours is special and blessed by an unkillable faith and energy
Well thank you kindly. It has been some of your wonderful wisdom that has helped to keep me as balanced as I am. Geeze...I could not imagine how I would be if I had not come through the gates of Avalon. I even finaly got a free pass once this palace went subscription. Guess I was on to someting eh.

While i have expressed my concerns for the way the future of Avalon was introduced I have excepted it because here we are. These doors are about to be closed and many are moving on to a invitation only based forum. I do agree with some walls around the castle to keep some of the trolls out but as we can all see it has its own price to be paid. It is time to move forward. Somehow! Balance shall be restored! There is yet much work to do in the very near future!!! Exposure and Disclosure are right around the corner!!! Our family and friends are going to need the support and wisdom that we have all come her to learn. While there is still much to learn it is now time to apply this wisdom in our everyday life in case you were not already.

I also do not like the idea of being silenced. This has been done to me in the past and in some rather devious methods i suspect. The same goes for some of our team members! I remember what was done to spiritual teachers. I have great hopes for the golden age of humanity upon earth and shall apply my super funk powers in the memory of all who came to this beautiful gathering to share so much love.

So I have joined avalon 2 and hope to contribute soon...i think im gonna go burn some of that left handed lettuce and take a walk in the forest and meditate on my future choices to be made! I think that moving to a new forum and upgrading will work out for the best and hope to see many friends return there to share in the coming months!

Until we meet again dear Mudra

Bless your heart for being able to love!!! Avalon will shine!!! It already is!!!


Over and Out!

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