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Default Re: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Originally Posted by oxiigen View Post
Hmm, Baron maybe you are right, but I'm surprised that you expect to find The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth on the internet?! Well, at least your post sounds so...

Anyway, all those people that you mentioned are at least more interesting for me than people from the mass media that I am bombarded with on a daily basis...

Can you expose some whistle-blower's names that you respect and trust? I hope that are not all whistle-blowers on your phony list...
Hi Oxiigen,

No I don't expect to find the truth The Whole Truth on the net.

But I would like to hear more truth from honest people, would that not be great?

I have a very tuned BS detector and a very good network of friends in this field who also loath these liars and frauds and repeaters of other peoples work, which they gain off the net and media and repeat with their special twist, presented with fear.

You see many years ago even before the internet and during its early inception, I was doing something similar to what Bill & Kerry are doing, and I got to know some of these fraudsters.

In fact some of them are so blatant they will talk amongst each other on who they can make a buck out of i.e. the gullible whoever they are, the public or anybody who will listen to them, and even other truth seekers interviewing them! Without the slightest hint of guilt something you would only normally associate with socio-paths.

Why am I a whistle blower on so called whistle blowers? Not for my benefit I do it so people who are none the wiser don't have to go through a long winded winding road only to discover they have been had!

I hate to see liars fooling innocent people.

I dare say you may find some of these people I mentioned more interesting than the main stream media.(Best to keep your main stream media down to the bare minimum anyway). That's fine as long as you know they are frauds liars and snake oil salesmen and you are using them only as entertainment for that's all they are entertainers.They are like actors they interpret the work of others add some spice since they are not creative enough like an author to produce original work, other than BS.That's then what one gets BS.

That's why you will often hear them say I said that first,I saw the bird flu coming first,the swine flu I discovered it first like little school kids or we predicted it using our black opps crystal ball and you can also have one for for only $299.00 with free nutrimedical vitamins that turn grey hair blue and then to your original colour! or they stand up and declare I went to the moon and I totally agree with that other liar that said he went to the moon too!

Though there are plenty of people out there sharing good information knowledge who are genuine, you just have to have your BS detector on at all times.

If their selling something be very, very careful.

If you are seeking knowledge and truth, you have to be discerning and sort the wheat from the chaff.

Those mentioned are the chaff and some of them were exposed years ago before B&K came on the scene.

Remember the old saying: If you cannot trust somebody with small matters, how can you trust them with large ones?


PS:There are some very interesting people out there who have a story and who are genuine.Often though they get overlooked because of these parasites such as I mention.
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