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Default Re: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

I would also like to say my farewells to all, as this forum is about to be closed in a dozen days for posting at least, and soon after everything will be lost! Because I don't think the fees will be kept up for long to vBulletin® Version 3.8.4, for a static forum, as they are not free or cheap$$$$.So all these posts will be lost most likely for good when its closed down for none payment of fees.All this information then be lost forever sadly!

I've been in a self imposed exile for a while because my critical expose and warning posts regarding some of the fraudsters and phony whistle-blowers Bill & Kerry interviewed, whom they believed,which were not welcome. Especially since I called them naive and gullible!

Even though some of them were exposed a decade before B&K came on the scene! They were given a new lease of lying life!

I tried to warn them in private first to no avail, as did others who had done real investigations on these frauds.

Even after presenting irrefutable evidence that they were frauds and not to promote or get involved with them for their own sake protecting their reputation and neutrality.

FrancieJones: was another who could not understand why Bill & Kerry would promote these frauds even after warning them. I understand that FranceJones got banned because she posted a private email from Bill, yet Bill posted a private email from Cliff High. A little bit of hypocrisy here I think? The pot calling the kettle black.

The only reason for being critical of Bill & kerry was so they did not get stung, it only takes a few fraudsters to break things up, and we only have to look what's happened.

So that's me out of ever being invited to the new forum2! LOL.

Oh before I go I will just remind you all even though my old posts will say much the same I will name the main frauds, so called whistle-blowers NOT.

Why oh why Bill do you believe this repeater of other peoples work, who is a liar and a fraud to boot, and who is NOT an MD aka Medical Doctor as he claims! The one license he did manage to wrangle that gave him the right to administer pharmaceuticals was revoked, and he was struck off years ago, after the death of young man and injuries to others! He was lucky not to have got 20 years minimum.Now a snake oil salesman using conspiracy to sell his wares via his radio show to those he scares to near death if not via pharmaceuticals.

His name? Bill Deagle! Yet he has been befriended by Bill so Bill sees neither his BS , lies or his history. Or the hypocrisy of his morbidly obese body of a man who sells people his health wares and lectures people on their health!
Why because he has cleverly welcomed you into his home and fed you?!!!And given you his BS answers that the powers that be set him up yadda yadda yadda! Yeah and I'm Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neumann who went to the MOON with my secret gov passport!

One of the reasons Michael St Clair became disillusioned with Bill was because of his reluctance to see through fear monger fraud Bll Deagle.The same for Cliff High sometime later.

I wonder why Richard Sauder of the underground bases had a beef with Bill & Kerry? Who wrote a scathing so called autonomous post at

Dan Burisch: Another fraud and liar oh I almost forgot Dan Burisch is now against Project Camelot and he now hates Bill with a vengeance! Don't worry Bill he's nothing more than a lab assistant of one week, whose mentally a fantasist and thinks he's another professor of everything! The ultimate family and wife frauds who believe their own fantasies.

True Ott: Another phony who wont come on the conference scene anymore just in case his lack of credentials and BS is brought up another fear mongering snake oil salesman via radio! He thinks Jane Burgermeister (as did Deagle) stole his bird flu expose! Since he had the conspiracy copyright on it.A none Doctor a Chinese cookie paper diploma.WORTHLESS.

Jordan Maxwell: Aka real name Russell Pine! What can we say this man thinks he's a symbologist of the highest order yet for one elementary example he described the reason with conviction why Vikings had horns on their helmets? Vikings never ever had horns on their helmets its just a modern myth something Monty Python would play on! He repeats lots of nonsense mixed with some truths to sell his wares books to feed his ego and stomach!
A real Symbologist would know that!

Now for the piste de la resistance!

Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neumann: Well this man claims to have been to the moon works on black projects and has a secret passport which he has showed everybody and been to conferences overseas all paid for, and on video for all to see, all while still working on top secret projects for a secret government agency! Wow what a brave whistle blower! (This will explain his disappearance from the scene of late, the government has locked him up!) As confirmed and checked out by Bill & kerry! It never dawned on Bill & Kerry that he set them up to give himself some credibility? He got somebody he knew who called him Dr or Professor when he's neither and that was the legitimacy! LOL

Since he knows his cover is now blown I doubt we will hear from him again in public at least! I know that a sting is in place to expose him if he dares set foot on any podium or conference. His real occupation and who he really is will make him turn purple as well as those who believed this fraud, all for 15 minutes of fame!

Pete Peterson: Oh how we know who this guy is? Well this guy is a home tinker inventor of useless gadgets who has a work shop! But he is neither a whistle-blower scientist or works on black projects, unless you count him getting black in his workshop, nor does he hold an accredited doctorate what he has is something you buy off the internet worthless to make him look like somebody, the same as some of the above. He use to be seen at fairs trying to sell his gadgets and other rubbish, wonder why the secret government lets him do that?

Now one of these above has an occupation which is closer to a "janitor" than anything else, anybody guess who? Yet Bill & Kerry investigated him? Black opps janitor perhaps?

The group of truth seekers who decided to trace them and expose these phony's are waiting to pounce with their evidence,but only when it will make an impact.

Why because they are sick of these frauds fooling those who want to find the real truth about real conspiracies! Not fantasy they have picked up from books the internet and TV!

Yet they like others have tried to warn Bill & Kerry but they would not have it! These exposes are not meant to embarrass them, but they will sadly.

There are others who are similar but most of them are not trying to sell stuff or have an agenda.There just mostly telling their story.But these have to be exposed, far to many people are believing these frauds.

Bill & Kerry what you had was something great and those of us who have been critical have mostly been because of your lack of discernment not what you set out to do, which we all appreciated, but you blew it you got close to the wrong people and believed BS.

I hope you wake up or discover these frauds really are frauds and you have been hoodwinked, because these are no better than the Ron L Hubbard's of this world. Though the latter was much worse he was a pornographer and paedophile as well as a fraud with his criminal brainwashing Scientology BS.

Bill & Kerry if you get back to what you set out to do in a discerning manor you would have virtually no criticism and you would have grateful followers of your work,because you do have a talent for interviewing and asking good questions that engrosses the viewer or listener.

The truth shall set you free, avoid braggarts fantasists and loud aggressive persons for they are vexations to the soul.

Best Regards
PS: Moderator notice as usual no fowl language. I once got a warning here from one mod for using the swear word "obsequious"! LOL,that's Really true!

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