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Default Re: This break up shows why we humans aren't ready to transcend. Or maybe ascend.

I feel that overcoming this so-called division is necessary, but cannot be done through the limitations of the medium (this forum) we use. It can help us in that direction, but in my opinion this needs to be done in 3-D.

I didn't get involved too much with the Avolonian struggling pains. Yes, on one level it's a pity we (let ourselves be) divide(d), though I agree it's all part of the process and we have the potential to rise out of its ashes. I followed the different threads, witnessed Bill and Kerry splitting / dividing core focus, etc... Three words kept bouncing back to me in my brainuter (brain & computer :-): 'all that jive'...

Last weekend I attended a workshop on how to built a sweat lodge in the Dakota tradition. We didn't speak much, but were in a same vibe! We made a fire and spoke out our intentions, after we sweat it out for 2 hours. In the sweat lodge there was room for more talk. We let go of old inner and outer connections which didn't work anymore. When it was my turn, I spoke out that there was too much story, after which I decided to speak jibberish. I invited the others to speak their jibber. We all jibbered after which everything became relaxed.
I felt like we were in a broader vibe where story evaporated and our hearts got in tune.

In Avalon most of us try to look at our own thoughts, judgements, emotions and have decided to walk our inner path, listened to 'the call'. We became more sensitive to what's out there (the different stories) and how we are being manipulated, but more important we see how we keep ourselves in this mental and physical state (ego clutching on to a story for its survival).

Yup! It's a process of breaking free from that and I think by getting together on this forum we can get feedback from likeminded / likehearted people. It's my opinion, however, to try to incorporate this in real life after which you can give back what you've learned. I hope one day some of us can get in contact with each other to get to that 'next level', free of (too much) story!

Anyway, that's how I see it. Getting to know the bigger picture is important. I don't believe everything that's out there, but by wanting to deal with the possibilies, we have the oppurtunity to explore our potential and to change our relationship with the world, how to let (ego) go and at the same time be aware and take 3-D action from the heart.

Pz, light and 1Love!


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